3D Machine Vision: Set for Widespread Adoption

3D Machine Vision: Set for Widespread Adoption

Currently, 3D machine vision is underutilized in the industrial sector. While 2D line and area scan imaging techniques for inspection are acceptable now, as application needs change, the need for 3D vision will grow.

3D vision comes with a hefty price tag, but soon the applications it enables will outweigh the initial investment costs. 

What is 3D Machine Vision?

Basically, 3D machine vision creates an image with three coordinate points (X, Y, and Z). This can be done in a single point method or a cloud point method, but both produce an image in 3 dimensions.

The essential value of 3D machine vision goes beyond recognizing a 3D image, however. The reason it is so valuable is that it enables the ability to recognize and create new work parameters based on the image captured.

Why is 3D Machine Vision Set for Widespread Adoption Now?

3D vision is set for widespread adoption mainly because of the potential applications the technology enables, particularly the one mentioned above.

For example, robotic grip can be significantly improved upon with 3D vision. On top of that, a robot could grip an item and pull on it to ensure the item is in place. Or, 3D machine vision could drastically improve the safety of robots – enabling them to recognize and avoid human counterparts on the factory floor.

Demand for machine vision products is expected to grow exponentially between 2016 and 2022. In fact, it’s expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.15% during that time period. Given the potential applications that 3D machine vision enables, it may play a big part in the growth of the machine vision market over the next few years. 

3D machine vision isn’t currently utilized as widely as it could be. As applications change and the need for more advanced machine vision evolves, 3D machine vision technology will step up to the plate and answer these demands.

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