Baumer 360 Degree Pattern Matching With Verisens Camera

Baumer’s newest set of machine vision cameras are proving to be very versatile. Covering a range of arenas, from scanning barcodes and human readable imprints to contactless checks in environments where human interaction is not advised. One of the more useful functions on display at Automate 2015 was Baumer’s 360 Degree Pattern Matching software included in the cameras.

Video Transcript:

Alright, so here we are at the automate show, and what we are going to demonstrate today is our pattern matching on the Verisens. We have a little bump and go car here, and what we want to do, is we want to lock on the roof of the car and match that pattern. So we got a camera just pointing down, we are gonna turn the bumper car on and as that car goes around. You can see the pattern matching locked in on the roof of the car, which it was trained on and you can see the green arrows are an indication of it locking on, to expose the pattern match. This is an example of our power pattern matching, in 360 degrees.