Benefits of JAI’s Prism-Based 3 & 4CCD Line Scan Cameras

JAI's Sweep+ line scan camera series recognizes that there is more to the world than what meets the eye. These cameras feature innovative prism-based CCD line sensors that help meet growing industry needs for web-based and continuous imaging applications. JAI’s 3 and 4CCD line scan cameras thus deliver greater performance, precision, and versatility with a focus on extreme lighting and other industrial inspection challenges.

Adaptable Imaging

JAI CV-L108CLJAI's integration of advanced prism technology and multiple CCD sensors on a single path works to eliminate parallax issues (no halo effects) and complex alignment procedures associated with off-angel viewing or inspection of wavy or cylindrical objects. The new 3CCD CV camera models deliver 40 MHz pixel frequency and scan rates up to 70922 lines per second, making them ideal for high speed industrial inspection. The new 4CCD LQ camera models feature simultaneous separate imaging of red, green, and blue, plus near-infrared light data, making it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects.

With frame speeds as high as 70 kHz, binning functions, Flat Field Correction (FFC) and gamma correction, the new JAI Sweep+ Series of 3 and 4CCD line scan cameras are ideal for high speed industrial inspection, measurement and quality control applications. Their unique fusion of prism-based technology and multiple CCD sensors ensures impressive quality, transfer speeds, reliability, and repeatability when working with a variety of challenging lighting and object surface conditions.