Canon Sensor Evaluation Kits - A Great Way To Test Canon CMOS Sensor Features

Canon Sensor Evaluation Kits - A Great Way To Test Canon CMOS Sensor FeaturesAre you entertaining the idea of developing a solution leveraging CMOS sensor technology? Like every product, it is critical to measure your sensor’s performance and results. Otherwise, you won’t be sure whether the product is performing at its full capacity.

Canon CMOS Evaluation Kits are now available

You can now purchase a turn-key solution specifically designed to provide you with a detailed evaluation of your sensors’ capabilities. With a Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit, you can test your sensor in various applications to ensure your system is running as designed.

Phase 1 Technology offers two unique CMOS sensor evaluation kits. The Canon 120MXS-120 MP CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit allows integrators and end-users to assess the performance of their 120MXS 120 MPO sensor. This kit includes an evaluation camera with your choice of a pre-installed sensor in mono, RGB, or RGB-NIR format, all necessary cables and software and more. All you really need is a lens. Furthermore, the kit provides assets for image system designers to help accelerate development time. These kits save time and money, and they can identify issues before they increase in complexity.

The Canon 3U5MGXSBA Evaluation Kit features a 3U5MGXSBA 5 MP global shutter CMOS sensor with raw data serial output via a USB 3.1 interface. This evaluation kit is advantageous to developers because it gives them the option to embed processing and software with the on-board ARM and FPGA. 

The Canon 3U5MGXSBA evaluation camera benefits from high sensitivity, which allows the CMOS sensor to capture high-quality images in low-light situations. The evaluation camera and kit have many applications, including the electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical, and life sciences industries.

The 120mxs-120mp evaluation kit and the 3U5MGXSBA evaluation kits include:

  • Evaluation camera with pre-installed sensor (mono, RGB, or RGB-NIR )
  • Accessory package for out-of-the-box operation (quick start guide, power supply, all necessary cables)
  • Embedded software to set up the sensor, acquire image data and communicate over USB 3.1 interface with any USB 3 compliant UI
  • PC-based UI application available for download to communicate with the camera
  • Sensor board design files source code
  • VHDL code for the FPGA

While lenses do not come with these evaluation kits, a Phase 1 representative can help you select the right kit for you. To learn more about Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits, contact the imaging experts at Phase 1 Technology.