CIS Cameras VCC-G Series Provide Ultimate Flexibility in Industrial Applications

From embedded vision systems to machine vision inspection, CIS cameras cover just about everything. No matter your vision system needs, you can bet there’s a CIS camera that’s right for the job.

The CIS VCC-G series cameras are as versatile as other CIS camera families, but combine the latest technology and compatibility to produce impressive speed and resolution.

CIS VCC-G series cameras are being deployed in machine vision inspection, high-end surveillance systems, TV conference systems, ETC traffic surveillance, vision for humanoid robots and much more.

CIS VCC-G Series Cameras Technical Capabilities

cis vcc-g camera seriesThis cameras series combines the flexible, versatile Camera Link technology with high-resolution monochrome output, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Speed is not sacrificed, however. In fact, the CIS VCC-G series cameras are built for high speed environments with shutter speeds up to 500 frames per second.

The CIS VCC-G series cameras are also built to fit in even the most space-restricted industrial settings. The smallest camera is only 22 cubic millimeters in size and weighs approximately 19 grams. A camera this size is ideal for embedded vision system applications.

This family of CIS cameras comes in resolutions from under 1 megapixel to 2 megapixels. Each model is an area scan camera with progressive scan capabilities, and shutter speeds from 60 to 500 frames per second.

CIS VCC-G Series Cameras Image Capture Capabilities

The CIS VCC-G series cameras are ideal for high-speed industrial inspection applications or other operations that require a high level of sensitivity combined with high-speeds, such as surveillance applications.

While industrial inspection and surveillance are strengths of the CIS VCC-G series cameras, they are far from their only applications. These cameras provide ideal specifications for OEMs in particular. Their versatility allows for more latitude in their deployment.

CIS VCC-G series cameras can be used in a wide variety of settings. Much like other families of CIS cameras, they represent a broad spectrum of industrial applications and are quite popular for this reason.

To learn more about the uses of these cameras, browse Phase 1 Technology’s selection of CIS VCC-G series cameras.