Computer Vision Advances Robotic Surgery

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Advancements in medical equipment are made year after year, but a relatively new technology called computer vision is revolutionizing the surgical field. Below, we’ll discuss what computer vision is, how it’s advancing robotic surgery and the possibilities for the future of surgery with machine vision technology.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision refers to a system consisting of a camera and processing unit that can interpret and react to the image picked up by the camera. Computer vision essentially allows a computer to interact with the world through vision as a human would.

What Is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is any surgical procedure that is done using mechanical controls rather than by hand. Typically, it refers to minimally invasive surgeries that are conducted through tiny incisions, where human hands cannot fit or maneuver instruments.

Traditional robotic surgery involves a surgeon in complete control of robotic arms and instruments, so a good deal of human involvement is still required.

How Computer Vision is Advancing Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery may seem advanced, but the introduction of computer vision to the field makes the prospects even more incredible and futuristic.

For example, maneuvering camera equipment in addition to tiny medical instruments can be very challenging and potentially dangerous. Computer vision allows for a CPU to maneuver the camera based on what is useful to see and where the camera is placed and angled. The processing unit can follow instruments automatically while responding in real-time to obstructions and natural movements.

Possibilities for the Future

The hope of many is that the view through the automated camera will eventually be augmented by the CPU with helpful information for the surgeon while he or she works.

Eventually, the view inside the patient could include data and information that assists the surgeon and other doctors, keeps the patient safe, and improves the effectiveness of the operation. This would result in a smoother and safer surgical procedure that is easier for the medical professionals in the operating room and healthier for the patient.

Robotic surgery and the introduction of computer vision to the field will undoubtedly revolutionize how surgical procedures are carried out. If your company manufactures or produces robotic surgical equipment or medical instruments that use computer vision, our comprehensive line of cameras can help focus your project and create a more efficient and successful piece of equipment.