Cut Costs on Your Manufacturing Floor with Machine Vision

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Manufacturing and engineering are experiencing a surge in advancement, thanks to machine learning. More than ever before, artificial intelligence and embedded vision are being used to make manufacturing lines run more smoothly and efficiently, reducing production and running costs for companies around the world. Below, we’re going to discuss what AI and embedded vision are and how they’re making waves in the manufacturing industry.

What Is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and it refers to “intelligent” computers that can process events similar to the way humans do. It involves complex computer algorithms that are tuned to perform tasks usually done by humans. These tasks can include everything from holding a conversation to solving problems.

What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is a fascinating field that couples real-world monitoring in the form of microphones or cameras with artificial intelligence. By combining these monitoring devices with advanced AI, computers can be used for a number of real-world applications, like inspecting machinery for signs of weakness or damage or inspecting medicine as it’s produced for proper dosing.

What is Embedded Vision?

Embedded vision is essentially machine vision on a very small scale. It involves a monitoring device, like a high-end camera, and a processing unit, but both pieces of technology are made small enough to be embedded into other systems. They can be placed in cars, manufacturing machinery, and inside other technology where it can be used to monitor what’s happening around them.

How Advancements Are Saving Manufacturers Money

The application of embedded vision to manufacturing is particularly exciting and can help reduce manufacturing costs and defects. For example, embedded vision can be implemented in a manufacturing line to scan for product defects like insufficient welds or improperly mounted gaskets. They can also detect heat spikes within machinery to predict damage and reduce downtime and inspect final products for accuracy and quality.

Embedded vision is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and making production cheaper, safer, and more efficient for companies worldwide. If you’re looking to implement embedded vision technology in your company, consider using our high-end cameras that are made specifically for the high degree of accuracy and consistency required in manufacturing.