Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera: An Innovative New Camera from Teledyne Dalsa

genie nano polarized cameraTeledyne Dalsa recently unveiled an innovative new polarized camera, expanding the widely popular Genie Nano series of machine vision cameras. The Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera is one of the latest additions to the Genie Nano series, featuring a brand new polarized sensor from Sony.

The new IMX250MZR polarized Sony sensor, based on the Pregius 5.0 MP IMX250 CMOS sensor, includes several technical innovations that make the Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 a truly unique machine vision camera.

Sony IMX250MZR Polarized Sensor Technical Advances

Sony’s first polarized sensor features a layer of on-chip polarizers above the photodiodes. This polarizer array includes four different angled polarizers, which are placed on each individual pixel, at 0o, 45o, 90o, and 135o. While there are four types of angled polarizers, the sensor can polarize any angle of unpolarized light.

An air-gap nanowire grid, coated with an anti-reflection material, is intended to reduce flaring, ghosting and polarization crosstalk while improving extinction ratios. The innovations in this on-chip polarizer array layer make it a high-performance solution where polarization is required.

Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera Applications

The new Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera has many potential applications. One of the most promising applications is for reducing reflection and glare in machine vision inspection tasks. The automated inspection of food, for example, can sometimes suffer from glare that can interfere with inspection results. Polarized sensors are highly capable of reducing glare and reflection to resolve these issues.

For applications where low light is a chronic problem, the Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera is adept at improving contrast for more accurate imaging. This new camera is also great for inspection of transparent objects, especially for stress inspections, by detecting which directions light is being reflected.

The new Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 Polarized Camera from Teledyne Dalsa is an innovative addition to the Genie Nano series of machine vision cameras. Featuring Sony’s new IMX250MZR polarized sensor, this camera is a high quality imaging solution for applications requiring polarization.

Learn more about the new Dalsa Genie Nano 2450 polarized machine vision camera, available now from Phase 1 Technology.


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