DALSA TurboDrive Breaks Through GigE Limit

As evolving technology raises acquisition rates and resolutions, transmission bandwidths have leveled out. Teledyne DALSA's proprietary TurboDrive GigE technology flies over this bottleneck by augmenting acquisition rates without the addition of a frame grabber. With the release of the TurboDrive-supported Linea GigE and Genie Nano lines, Teledyne has surpassed the gigabit Ethernet ceiling by using more efficient encoding without data loss.

High-Flying Innovation

TurboDrive shifts from traditional intensity-based absolute encoding to encoding based on image entropy, or pixel randomness, and the neighborhood effect, where little variation between pixels is used to raise throughput. This basis in redundancy allows for more efficient encoding that packs the same information into fewer bits. The result is faster data transmission for GigE Vision cameras, with rates over 125 megabytes per second, as well as line and frame rates often at almost double the standard throughput.

Breaking the Bandwidth Barrier

To achieve this breakthrough, DALSA's TurboDrive GigE technology relies on reliable transmission channels for error management and Burst Mode to include additional data by acquiring faster than transmission. Alongside on-board buffering that gathers information, this ensures maximum throughput, with camera speeds over 115 mega-pixels per second. Through the use of dead time and variability compensation, TurboDrive thus ensures maximum sensor performance to potentially double channel speeds.

With more efficient encoding, transmission, buffering, and overall performance, this innovation will sustain higher throughput for a variety of vision applications. In short, Teledyne DALSA's TurboDrive technology soars past the expected limits for image quality and camera performance, setting a new standard for advanced machine vision.