DALSA’s P4-2k RGB + NIR Multispectral Line Scan Camera

While it’s often true that what's out of sight remains out of mind, DALSA's Piranha4-2k RGB+ NIR line scan camera virtually sees into the invisible. With Teledyne DALSA’s unique sensor architecture, this award-winning multispectral model extends the limits of imaging with a fusion of innovative features and speed.Dalsa Piranha4 Multispectral 2k

Incredible Speed

The Piranha4 series cameras deliver the fastest line rate in the industry with outstanding signal to noise ratio. Available in monochrome and color models, the quadlinear CMOS sensor of the color model delivers the precision of color and the sensitivity of monochrome by providing three native colors (Red, Green, and Blue) as well as a separate monochrome channel with minimum spatial separation for the maximum accuracy and performance up to 70 kHz. Wafer level coated filters enable independent outputs at 2k resolution with 14.08µm pixel size and improved crosstalk. With advanced chipsets and Camera Link, throughput reaches 573 Megapixels per second at cable lengths of 15 meters plus.

Advanced Features

With a small yet robust design, the P4-2k RGB+NIR gives you the power to fine-tune spectral responsivity through subpixel spatial, lens, shading, and flat field correction, as well as independent gain and exposure control. Sub-pixel spatial correction further enhances color registration while minimizing bandwidth and cabling, with multiple regions of interest (ROI) and areas of interest (AOI). Alongside such advanced features, the GenICam compliant interface completes this easy-to-operate and integrate multispectral solution.

DALSA's Piranha4-2k RGB+ NIR cameras extend possibilities for high-seed imaging applications. These multispectral cameras are ideal for print inspection, electronics inspection, materials grading, food inspection, high performance color sorting, and general purpose machine vision.