Semiconductor Fabrication: Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

It probably doesn't feel like it, right? We have technology to thank for that. The way it’s been changing and advancing the way we do things, it’s made our lives a whole lot easier. With that said, it should really come as no surprise that a semiconductor, also known as chip, are an integral part of our society. Okay, so maybe the chips aren’t on your shoulder, but they do seem to be everywhere else.

A semiconductor is made in a very complicated fabrication process. These processes have advanced over the years allowing these devices to use less and less power all the time. This enables us to put these devices on very tiny objects. Some examples being cameras and cell phones. In the case of cameras, the actual picture is being taken by a sensor. The sensor is in itself a semiconductor that allows electrons to be transferred into pictures. In today's world, cameras are used in surveillance, inspecting fruits and vegetables, and driving your car.

As these chips continue to have more complexity and continue to shrink, we will be able to automate more and more mundane tasks everyday. We are already beginning to see this advancement with the introduction of a self-guided vacuum cleaner (I-Robot). So, thanks to the semiconductor and technologies like the vacuum, we can look forward to a more stress-free life, giving you more spare time to watch that high-definition TV!