Drones: The Next Step of Home Security?

Over the years, home security systems have become more sophisticated, but the basic ideas have remained the same. Some systems rely on deterrents like motion-controlled lights; others enhance homeowners’ ability to detect problems and summon help.

The new Sunflower Home Awareness System merges cutting-edge ideas into an evolutionary leap in home security. Machine vision and the Internet of Things work together: Intelligent sensors detect potential trouble, while an aerial camera gives homeowners a complete view.

High-Tech Sensors Make “Beware of Dog” Signs Obsolete

Burglars might be able to fool some systems or recognize when homes aren’t quite as secure as they appear. That’ll be tougher with Sunflower – a complete, overlapping system of sensors is deployed to protect a property's perimeter like never before.

Not all disturbances will be serious, and Sunflower has advanced options to safely and gently scare away animals such as raccoons. But: What if the intruder is a bit more persistent?

If the sensors detect something more serious, the aerial drone can be deployed for a closer look. This helps prevent false alarms and makes it easier for property owners to get the help they need.

Sunflower's Security Drone is More Than Meets the Eye

This technology might raise a number of questions for system owners and their neighbors. It seems Palo Alto-based Sunflower Labs put plenty of thought into potential objections, making its system impressively robust.

CEO Alex Pachikov explains the perimeter sensors are solar-powered, keeping them eco-friendly. As for the drone, advanced software empowers it to build an “object map” of its home terrain so it only points at its owner’s house.

Although Sunflower Labs is first to market, it won't be long before established brands start trialing their own systems. In the near future, drones could be a trusted part of home security.