FLIR Cameras for Intelligent Traffic Systems

Outdoor video streaming is difficult, and intelligent traffic system (ITS) applications are no different. The outdoors place unique physical and visual strains on a camera that applications on a factory floor typically don't have to contend with.

That's why, time and time again, integrators and end users choose FLIR cameras for applications in intelligent traffic systems.

How Demands do Intelligent Traffic Systems Put on a Camera?

ITS typically uses thermal imaging cameras. The process works by superimposing detection zones onto a video image. When pixels inside the detection zone are disturbed, the detection process is activated and various algorithms generate different types of data: such as pre- and post-incident data and data for statistical processing.

All of this requires a few things. First, a camera must be physically durable to properly perform ITS duties. It needs to be resistant to extreme weather and shock to protect the integrity of the data being transmitted.

A camera for ITS also needs to work at high speeds without compromising image quality. This is also to protect data integrity. Very little can be determined from poor quality images.

Why are FLIR Cameras Well Suited for Intelligent Traffic Systems?

Whether it's intersection monitoring, pedestrian safety, incident detection or any other ITS application, FLIR cameras are well suited to get the job done.

FLIR manufactures a wide range of flexible thermal imaging cameras, which is part of their appeal to integrators and end users. For ITS applications, there will almost certainly be an ideal camera for you.

FLIR's technology has also been proven effective in a variety of ITS settings across the globe. These cameras are being used everywhere from tunnels in Norway to intersections in Peru. When you choose a FLIR camera, you know you're getting a dependable solution.

ITS applications pose unique challenges for cameras. FLIR has developed a line of cameras to overcome the many obstacles posed in outdoor streaming applications.

If you're setting up an ITS, you can browse a wide selection of FLIR cameras here.