Gardasoft Triniti LED Controller System At Automate 2015

Gardasoft continues to innovate in machine vision lighting with their latest LED controller. The controller’s stunning achievements with Triniti chips were on display at this year’s Automate Show in Chicago, Illinois.

Below is a quick video demonstration of John Merva, Vice President, North America from Guardasoft showing us the Gardasoft Triniti LED controller system, provided to you by Phase 1.

Video Transcript:

What we have here is our Triniti LED controller display. The LED controllers that Gardasoft manufactures are universal LED controllers; that can drive anyone's product, but in this case we are showing their compatibility with a Triniti enabled product. What's Triniti? With a Triniti enabled light there’s actually a micro-controller Triniti chip inside the light head or inside the cable, which automatically communicates to the controller: the drive profile of the light and the load of the light. So that the user does not have to enter any of the data about the light head, that allows it to be driven properly and effectively. This automatically uploaded to the controller from the Triniti chip, furthermore the Triniti controller then communicates through the vision system allowing the user to program the complete lighting arrangement from the vision system API and in this case we can look at Cognex Vision Pro demonstration where we are showing the trigger impulse, which triggers the camera the camera exposure and then the lighting pulse that goes with this, and at all these items can be adjusted from this part of the vision system API, and a user can observe the result that the images are adjusted from the live image on the side. So this significant advantages are it allows quick and easy expert control of lighting, and eliminates a chance for errors, which slow an installation down or cause damage to the product.