Having Machine Vision Challenges? Come Talk with Phase 1 Technology at CRAV.ai

Having Machine Vision Challenges? Come Talk with Phase 1 Technology at CRAV.aiThe technology behind machine vision has advanced rapidly in recent years. From high performance CMOS sensors to low cost, small profile cameras, sophisticated lenses, LED lighting, and specialized machine vision cables, there are so many options and emerging technologies. It is increasingly difficult to know what tech is best for your application.

Taking place November 12 – 13 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, CRAV.ai is a great event to come and speak with the premier distributor of machine vision cameras, sensors, and components about your unique machine vision challenges.

Discuss Your Machine Vision Challenges with Phase 1 Technology at CRAV.ai

CRAV.ai is an exciting two-day event hosted by the A3 (Association for Advancing Automation). Featuring leading experts in collaborative robotics, advanced vision, and artificial intelligence, the event presents an opportunity to further your understanding of how to leverage these powerful technologies to enhance your operations.

If you are planning to attend the event and you have questions specific to what you’re trying to accomplish, stop by Phase 1 Technology to speak with an expert highly knowledgeable in cameras, sensors, and components.

Around since the dawn of the machine vision industry, Phase 1 Technology is a vertically integrated, premier distributor representing the leading brands of cameras, sensors, lenses, lighting, cables, framegrabbers, interface boards, mounts, enclosures, software, and more. For well over 30 years, Phase 1 Technology has been helping OEMs, system integrators, end-users, researchers, and developers around the world find the right solutions for what they want to do.

Proven experts in the industry, Phase 1 Technology serves a wide range of industry needs, including machine vision inspection and testing; metrology; microscopy; factory automation; robotics; aircraft and aerospace, including UAVs/drones; agricultural; medical, pharmaceutical; automotive; autonomous vehicles and ADAS; intelligent traffic systems; and more.

Come and speak with Phase 1 Technology at the CRAV.ai conference, November 12 – 13 in San Jose, CA. For conference information and to register, visit CRAV.ai.