High-End Surveillance Cameras: Dual Thermal and Optical Streaming Applications

high-end surveillance camerasIn recent years, video encoder technology has enabled dual, simultaneous streaming of thermal and optical video. In the past dual streams in IR and visible spectrums were limited by high levels of latency and noise due to the lack of a single video encoder that could handle both streams.

This streaming capability has largely been used in high-end surveillance applications for a number of reasons. Mainly, dual thermal and optical streaming is used to provide more complete surveillance coverage of critical infrastructure, especially large infrastructure.

Thermal image streams provide surveillance at night and in low-visibility environments, while optical streaming provides long-distance streaming as well as facial recognition and any other high-quality streaming needs.

The result is more accurate, complete surveillance, which is vitally important for high-end surveillance of critical infrastructure.

Dual Thermal and Optical Streaming for High-End Surveillance Example

FLIR manufactures some of the best pan tilt cameras for dual optical and thermal streaming for high-end surveillance. They are used all over the world for the most important surveillance jobs. For example, to combat illegal mining in Africa.

Illegal mining is a major problem – for legal and illegal miners. Obviously, when illegal miners steal resources, that cuts into profits. But an even larger problem is that illegal miners often don’t know what they’re doing, which leads to mines collapsing on legal and illegal miners alike. Illegal mining is a major bottom line and safety concern, but difficult to combat. Mines are very large work sites, making it difficult for surveillance cameras to detect illegal miners, especially at night.

FLIR pan tilt cameras for dual thermal and optical stream have been implemented in mining sites across Africa to combat illegal miners, and have worked with great success. Mining operators claim the cameras can replace between 20 and 40 perimeter security cameras, saving time and effort while improving surveillance results.

Dual thermal and optical streaming for high-end surveillance is a relatively new technology but is quickly proving its effectiveness, especially when it comes to monitoring large, critical infrastructure.

If you think dual thermal and optical streaming for high-end surveillance would fit your application, here’s one of the latest FLIR cameras on the market that may work for you.