How Embedded Vision & Drones are Automating Delivery

a drone delivering a package

Drones have many applications across multiple industries, including security, agriculture, the construction sector, and more. 

Drones and embedded vision will also likely change how human beings think about delivery over the next several decades. Drones can save a massive amount of time and money because they can safely deliver packages without requiring any help from a human being.

What Is Embedded Vision?

Computers need algorithms to distinguish between specific objects, and embedded vision helps drones identify what they are “seeing.” A drone can tell whether an object is static or moving, for example.

Embedded vision refers to the integration of a camera and a processing board. A drone with embedded vision can “object track” and figure out what objects to avoid to prevent a collision. Embedded vision can improve a drone’s ability to track and analyze objects and improve how they detect objects in general.

What Are Drones?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles often referred to as UAVs. Drones are operated without requiring a human pilot, which is one of the reasons that the technology is so revolutionary. Drones also operate on different levels of autonomy.

Drones can vary in size, but many experts and analysts believe that drones are the future of package delivery. While drones were initially developed for military/aerospace purposes, they can serve many industrial and commercial purposes.

How Are Drones and Embedded Vision Used In Delivery?

It’s very simple: embedded vision is crucial to ensure that drones can operate adequately. Embedded vision allows drones to self-navigate more efficiently and helps them chart their course so that the drone can reach its destination. This is integral to delivery in general. 

Drones will require embedded vision if they are expected to deliver goods accurately and efficiently. These drones can eliminate risks for humans that would otherwise be delivering the packages, all while reducing delivery costs for organizations. 

Predictions For The Future

The demand for drones is only continuing to grow, whether we are talking about consumer drones or industrial drones. There are countless commercial applications for drones that are being explored, and embedded vision is critical to ensuring that drones can collect and share accurate information and data. Drones have the additional benefit of delivering quickly and efficiently while also avoiding any traffic-related delays.

Drones can disrupt “last mile economics” when it comes to package delivery, and many organizations are trying to figure out how to utilize drones to improve the delivery experience.

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