How Machine Learning & AI Are Helping to Spot Distracted Drivers

a distracted driver

When you think of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) being used on the road, your mind likely goes to self-driving cars. However, AI is being used more readily to monitor human drivers and report potentially dangerous situations to law enforcement. Below, we’re going to discuss how machine learning is used to spot distracted drivers and help keep the road safer.

How Machine Vision and AI Have Advanced

Machine vision is used effectively in numerous situations, but computers have struggled with processing outdoor conditions for quite some time — shadows, insufficient lighting, and rapidly moving objects made driving applications challenging.

Today, better quality cameras, higher-speed processing units, and embedded machine learning systems can be utilized to capture and process information related to driving with a very high degree of accuracy.

How They’re Being Used to Spot Distracted Drivers

Some of the most promising applications involve detecting distracted drivers on the road. Cameras are used to capture images of the front seats of a vehicle as it drives by, and a computer then analyzes the image to determine dangerous or erratic behavior.

The system can sense if the driver is texting, swerving, or exhibiting dangerous or unpredictable behavior. They can be used to determine if a driver is under the influence of alcohol, falling asleep while driving, or distracted by their phone.

How They Will Make Driving Safer

The machine learning systems don’t just detect dangerous situations on the road; they can also process tickets and report their findings to law enforcement. Tickets for texting while driving can help dissuade drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel.

They can also alert and direct law enforcement to remove intoxicated drivers or others who are causing hazardous conditions on the road. Since distracted drivers cause the majority of accidents, these systems can help keep all drivers safe.

Machine learning and AI can help keep all drivers safe by monitoring the roads constantly for signs of distraction, hazardous conditions, and potentially dangerous drivers. If you are looking to implement machine learning or AI in your municipality or project, check out our high-end cameras, which are designed for machine learning applications and are ideal for use in road monitoring systems.