How Machine Learning Is Benefitting Farmers & the Agriculture Industry

an agricultural robot

High-performance and advanced technology may not come to mind when you think of agriculture. However, more and more farmers are using machine vision and artificial intelligence to improve their yields, keep their crops protected from pests, and manage their workloads. Below, we’re going to discuss what machine vision is and how and why it’s being used by farmers worldwide.

What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the combination of artificial intelligence in the form of a powerful computer processing unit and a monitoring device, like a high-end camera or microphone. Data is collected from the real world and analyzed by the processor to provide useful information about whatever is being monitored.

How Is It Used by Farmers and the Agriculture Industry?

Machine vision has numerous applications in agriculture that are making crop management easier. For example, drone footage can be used to track growth patterns, catalog yields to compare to planting, and locate and identify weeds as soon as growth begins. Drones can even determine the number of insects or pests on a single leaf, which allows the farmer to develop and apply a targeted pesticide before the insect threatens the yield.

Other cameras and embedded systems can be used to monitor plant density, stem thickness, and canopy development, which can help pinpoint inefficiently utilized space or locate soil issues affecting growth.

What Are the Benefits?

Farmers enjoy numerous benefits when they implement machine vision on their farms. First, these systems can help dramatically improve yield, thereby maximizing profits with minimal additional effort.

They can also detect problems with soil, pests, weeds, or weak plants and relay the information to farmers in real-time. A farmer can then react immediately to maintain growth or re-sow, if necessary.

Lastly, fields are monitored constantly with no additional human resources. By using machine vision on their farms, farmers can maintain growth and efficiency while focusing on more critical aspects of their job.

Machine vision is revolutionizing the agriculture industry by providing cost-effective and highly accurate monitoring for crop growth, pests, and weeds, all of which could have a significant impact on yield and profit if left unchecked. If you’re looking to use machine vision on your farm or in your agricultural business, consider using our capable, high-definition cameras designed for precision, accuracy, and maximum performance.