How Machine Vision is Used in Digital Twin Platforms for Enhanced Security

Virtual worlds have captivated the imagination of computer users for decades. The rise of massively multiplayer online role-playing games has given players the ability to become a character and interact with hundreds or thousands of other characters. Recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta in preparation for a shift to the metaverse, a kind of online virtual world.

Technologies similar to those it takes to create these mesmerizing online worlds are being used in areas outside gaming and social networks. Virtual environments can be used to test new factory equipment and layouts, simulate events in which thousands will attend, and discover how traffic patterns would change with new roads or population growth. The virtual versions of these physical objects and systems are referred to as digital twins.

Machine Vision Helps Build Digital Twins

Machine vision technology has been used for decades to give automated systems the ability to observe their environment. Cameras and logic boards come together to give the machine the ability to analyze an image and make decisions. Not only can machines make complex decisions, but they can capture the data they “see” in vast databases.

The collection of this data has allowed the creation of virtual worlds full of digital twins. These platforms can simulate an entire city’s dynamics and rhythms. By integrating data collection and surveillance technology, these digital twins can show what’s occurring in real-time. That is making them invaluable for security.

Digital Twin Platforms Enhance Security

Digital Twins can help city planners and first responders prepare for threats. Data collected from past attacks helps to create algorithms that show how humans will likely react. Understanding traffic patterns and the flow of pedestrians is critical to response teams so that such terrible situations can be diffused as quickly as possible and save lives.

These virtual worlds may even be able to thwart such heinous acts altogether. Amidst what seems like chaos, humans are creatures of habit. Many nefarious behaviors can be detected because they go outside the normal patterns. Or they have patterns of their own. AI algorithms can monitor digital twin representations of cities and public areas and detect potential causes for alarm, alert law enforcement, and stop criminals in their tracks.

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