HS Link and CameraLink HS: What's The Difference?

What's the difference between HS Link and Cameralink HS you ask? Well, very little. Let us explain. HS Link was originally developed by Dalsa to help solve a particular customer's application. Their wanted to know how they could get a faster though put and a higher resolution picture, while continuing to use the Cameralink standard.

So Dalsa got some of their best CameraLink and framegrabber engineers and they developed an interface based on CameraLink, but one that would achieve much higher throughput levels and a much higher resolution. This product was initially called HS Link. Once this interface was fully developed they took it to the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) and discussed what it would take to have this become the next generation of CameraLink. As is protocol, the AIA then assembled a committee and any company wanting to join the committee to review the specifications was then invited.

Once all of the procedural conditions were met, and some minor changes were made as a result of the committee adopting a few enhancements, a vote was taken and HS Link was then adopted as an AIA standard and renamed the CameraLink HS.

Today, CameraLink HS is being used in many applications around the globe. Some examples being LCD inspection and semiconductor equipment manufacturing. This new standard will allow for much more technically advanced products to be manufactured and their quality to be assured. So next time you watch your 84" 4K TV, you will know that CameraLink HS was involved in assuring that you see every pixel of the four million pixels on the screen.