JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL Machine Vision Camera Offers High-Performance Trilinear Imaging

JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL Machine Vision CameraThe JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL Camera is a new color trilinear camera from JAI that offers high performance at a competitive price point. These cameras feature a brand new, state of the art CMOS trilinear sensor that allow color line scan capabilities in a compact form. For applications that don’t require the single optical plane advantages of the JAI Sweep+ prism cameras, the SW-4000TL-PMCL is an excellent choice.

This is one of the fastest 4K trilinear cameras on the market with a number of technical innovations that make it a truly unique configuration for line scan applications.

Why Use a Trilinear Machine Vision Camera in Your Application?

Many applications have adopted trilinear technology over the years. Trilinear cameras use three linear arrays to capture R, G and B channels simultaneously but at slightly different locations. Heat, light fastness and spatial separation must all be accounted for to combine three color channels into one color image.

Trilinear technology simplifies camera design by effectively compensating for these variables, leading to high quality imaging with a small footprint. Trilinear cameras, especially those with CMOS sensors, have high quantum efficiencies with high frame rates and resolution. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Advantages of the JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL Trilinear Camera

The JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL trilinear camera features a top speed of 66 kHz at a resolution of 3 x 4096 pixels per line. This camera comes with a number of advanced features that make it one of the highest performing trilinear cameras available:

  • Color space conversion. Built-in color space conversion functions provide system designers with direct camera output in the format their application requires.
  • Horizontal and vertical binning. The SW-4000TL-PMCL supports 2x horizontal binning, two-line vertical binning, or both, for extra high sensitivity.
  • Direct encoder connection. To minimize cabling, reduce dropped line data occurrences, and automatically detect changes in scan direction, the encoder can connect directly to the camera.
  • Spatial compensation and tilted view correction. Intelligent sub-pixel spatial compensation functions account for three-line spacing on the target for high quality images.

Color space conversion, horizontal and vertical binning, direct encoder connection, and spatial compensation and tilted view correction all makes the JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL a quality trilinear imaging solution.

The JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL features a number of technical innovations that make it one of the highest performing trilinear cameras on the market with unparalleled color line scan capabilities.

To learn more about this camera, read technical production information on the JAI SW-4000TL-PMCL trilinear camera.