LED for Machine Vision Lighting

Machine vision lighting is a crucial issue in the design of a specialized system. The spectral properties of each part vary markedly according to shape, size, and all kinds of other factors.led

When an object is radiated, reflection, absorption, and transmission of that wavelength of light are all concerns impacting performance. To get the most from any vision system, configuration and dispersal of light must be planned to complement the system’s calibration.

What does LED bring to the table? It provides both short wavelength light – reflected UV and UV fluorescence imaging, for example – and long wavelength light, making it a versatile tool. Its cost-effectiveness further enhances its value in industrial quality assurance, among other applications.

Uses and Benefits of LED Lighting: A Quick Look

LED offers two common options:

White & Single-Color Visible Wavelength

Innovation in LED lighting systems began with visible wavelength systems including white, green, blue, and red. By choosing or combining appropriate light selections, image contrast is enhanced without adding to image processing overhead. A broad-spectrum white LED is a versatile tool for distinguishing a range of colors, while a contrasting single-color LED works when only certain color features need to be be illuminated.

Invisible Spectrum IR Light

Infrared light has a longer wavelength than visible spectrum light, and LED IR is useful for transmitting into silicon semiconductor wafers and many common packaging materials. This makes it ideal for electronics manufacturing environments adhering to the highest international quality standards.

In logistics, IR light is especially useful for eliminating printed data from the surfaces of some materials while still allowing the information to be read clearly for inspection under infrared lighting.

LED lighting systems tend to have lower total cost of ownership than many alternatives. Combined with their flexibility, they are appropriate for projects across many different industries.