Lidar Helps NASA Explore Mars

the mars rover

NASA is currently developing a human-like robot, which they are sending to Mars to create a base for future human occupancy. One of the most crucial pieces of technology that will allow their android to interact with the world around it is Lidar, a type of machine vision. Below, we’ll explain what Lidar is, how it will help accomplish NASA’s mission, and how Lidar could potentially be used in the future.

What Is Lidar?

Lidar stands for “light detection and ranging,” and it’s a type of machine vision that gives a computer eyes to interpret the world around it. Essentially, a high-definition camera is linked to a powerful processing unit that uses the image from the camera to “see” things in its field of vision.

What’s NASA’s Mission?

NASA hopes to send this semi-autonomous android to Mars to set up a base camp that humans will later inhabit. The robot will navigate the ship to Mars, land, and use tools and materials sent along with it to build a structure that will act as a base.

Eventually, NASA intends on sending humans to Mars once a haven has been constructed there. The android will be able to assist humans once they reach the planet.

How Lidar is Being Used

Lidar is crucial to the success of the voyage. To navigate safely to Mars and around the planet once it lands, the robot must be able to identify objects in its field of vision and respond appropriately. Lidar gives the robot’s processing unit eyes so that it can assess what is in front of it, determine if it’s human or an object, and navigate around it or assist with some activity.

Possibilities for the Future

Lidar is a very promising technology that allows robots to locate themselves and objects accurately and decide how to proceed given their objective. Eventually, it may help navigate human-crewed ships through space safely and build a livable community on Mars. Eventually, Lidar may allow us to build robots for use on Earth that can assist in everyday activities and physically demanding jobs.

Lidar technology is at the heart of NASA’s mission to put humans on Mars, allowing accurate navigation and construction on the distant planet while allowing humans to stay behind until it’s safe. If your company is working on Lidar-enabled or machine vision technology, our array of high-definition cameras can help make your mission a success.