LVDS Frame Grabber Technology: Applications and Benefits

LVDS frame grabbers are a popular component of many different machine vision applications for their flexibility and reliability. While oftentimes they require a high level of expertise to deploy, they provide significant benefits for those who use them.

But what types of applications are LVDS frame grabbers used for? Why would anybody use an LVDS frame grabber?

LVDS Frame Grabber Applications

In many cases, LVDS frame grabbers are perfectly suited for the needs of machine vision OEMs, allowing them to develop, deploy, redistribute and maintain high-performance imaging applications while reducing the total cost of ownership.

More generally, LVDS frame grabbers are a good fit for any industrial machine vision application that uses high speed cameras. This is especially true when image data integrity is of the utmost importance.

There is quite a large range of applications in which an LVDS frame grabber can be deployed. In fact, it’s their flexibility that’s one of their main features.

LVDS Frame Grabber Benefits

There are three main benefits that LVDS frame grabbers provide over other external image acquisition modules.

1. Flexibility

As mentioned, the ability of LVDS frame grabbers to be used in a wide variety of applications and environments makes them appealing, particularly to OEMs who may be using them in highly unique ways.

2. Image Data Reliability

LVDS frame grabbers are built for data reliability. Most versions will alert you to data loss, and some versions will event document exactly when and where an error occurred during data transfer. This information allows users to quickly resolve problems.

3. Time Tested

LVDS frame grabber technology has passed the test of time. It’s a mature technology that has consistently provided benefits for a wide range of applications. When you choose LVDS frame grabbers, you know you’re getting a technology you can depend on.

There are many benefits that come from using LVDS frame grabbers, but the three mentioned above are the most important. Similarly, there are many applications this technology can be successfully deployed in.

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