New JAI SP-12401-PGE Machine Vision Camera Includes Robust Feature Set and Innovative Technology

jai sp 12401 pgeThe latest camera in the Spark Series, JAI’s new SP-12401-PGE machine vision camera is an innovative addition to their line of high performance cameras. Built around the Sony Pregius IMX304 image sensor, the JAI SP-12401-PGE is a powerful camera for a wide range of applications.

The robust feature set of this camera includes some features that aren’t offered by other Spark Series cameras, including a newer and smaller form factor, as well as other competitive cameras built around the same sensor. The JAI SP-12401-PGE camera is one of the first “next generation” Spark Series cameras from JAI.

JAI SP-12401-PGE Performance Highlights

At 12.4 megapixels and a frame rate of 9.3 frames per second, this camera is a unique combination between the high quality imaging of the Pregius sensor and the flexibility of a GigE interface. The JAI SP-12401-PGE camera was originally designed to meet the growing need for high quality and high sensitivity imaging with strong frame rates over a standard interface that allows for long, simple cabling.

For applications such as inventory or logistics robots, facial recognition, mapping/street views, metrology, life sciences, or virtual and augmented reality, the JAI SP-12401-PGE offers a powerful new way to take vision capabilities to the next level.

JAI SP-12401-PGE Technical Features

The JAI SP-12401-PGE has a number of technical features that make it a robust vision solution. The 12.4 megapixel global shutter CMOS sensor allows for 9.3 fps at full resolution, making this a fast but high quality camera. The 3.45µm pixel size on Sony’s sensor allows for extremely low levels of dark noise, contributing greatly to crisp, clear images.

The color model has a built-in color space conversion and color enhancer tool, plus raw Bayer or 5x5 interpolated RGB output and an edge enhancement tool for advanced color imaging. The second-generation form factor (44 x 44 x 54mm) makes this a highly compact camera with excellent shock and vibration ratings.

The JAI SP-12401-PGE machine vision camera is an ideal imaging solution for a wide range of applications. Its robust feature set, flexible interface and high quality imaging capabilities separate this camera from others built around the same sensor.

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