New Product: Sony EVI PTZ Cameras

Sony recently announced two new additions to their series of EVI PTZ cameras. The EVI-D80 and the EVI-D90. With these two cameras you get enhanced sensitivity and high speed pan/tilt/zoom. As with the other members of the EVI PTZ family, they are both controlled by the VISCA protocol (RS-232C/RS-422) which allows for easy connectivity to many peripheral systems such as a systems controller.

With Sony's enhanced CCD technology, these two cameras deliver better picture quality in lower light environments. This allows for the cameras to be utilized in new markets such as indoor arenas and tele-medical applications.

Distinguishing factors of these two cameras are their zoom capabilities. The EVI-D80 features an 18x optical zoom and the EVI-D90 has a 28x optical zoom. These zoom feature make these cameras perfect for more traditional uses such as conference rooms, board rooms, and distance learning applications. This optical zoom offers a more robust and realistic feel to the members who are participating in the conference.

Finally, as with the other members of the EVI PTZ family, these cameras are ceiling mountable to add flexibility in many applications. Another option you will soon have is the ability to acquire a white version of these cameras which will be available later this year.

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