Newsight Imaging CMOS Sensors Offer High Performance in Demanding Applications

Newsight Imaging CMOS Sensors Offer High Performance in Demanding Applications Newsight Imaging complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors are built to deliver unique performance at a low price point in a wide range of difficult applications. With incredibly high frame rates, sensitivity, and distinctive technical features, these CMOS sensors stand out for their unparalleled capabilities in demanding environments.

The most advanced Newsight Imaging CMOS sensors can tackle many advanced applications, including robotics lidar, long-range lidar, barcode reading, industry 4.0, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 3D analysis, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and general machine vision applications.

These advanced CMOS sensors are available as area scan industrial sensors and line scan industrial sensors.

Newsight Imaging Line Scan CMOS Sensors Deliver the Ultimate Flexibility

Line scan CMOS sensors from Newsight Imaging offer frame rates up to 40,000 frames per second with high sensitivities. Large pixels and advanced pixel binning capabilities give end users great flexibility in enhancing either frame rate or sensitivity, depending on the unique needs of their application.

Each of these line scan CMOS sensors is unique. The NSG3500, for example, is entirely self-contained – it resets itself, configures itself, and starts sending vision processed data out through various potential interfaces. While each is unique, these line scan sensors all offer high performance in tough environments.

Newsight Imaging Area Scan CMOS Sensors for High Quality Imaging Solutions

Area scan CMOS sensors from Newsight Imaging feature a number of technological innovations that allow them to deliver unique performance. Per-frame configuration enables on the fly reactions to events in these sensors, while hardware accelerators enhance long-range distance for a wider range of applications.

These CMOS sensors work best in low cost, high volume applications. The NSI500 areas scan CMOS sensor, for example, is intended primarily for use in lidar automotive applications, including ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles. Newsight Imaging has several innovative features, such as V-LiDAR, which is a cutting-edge 3D pulsed lidar system, or the Newsight eTOF (enhanced time of flight), which bridges the gap between short-distance iTOF (indirect time of flight) and the long distance requirements of automotive applications.

Newsight Imaging’s innovative line of area scan and line scan CMOS sensors feature a number of unique technical features that allow them to bring unparalleled performance to a wide range of applications.

These CMOS sensors differ widely from one to the other – chances are there’s one to meet the needs of your demanding imaging environment. To learn more, take a deeper dive and read about Newsight Imaging CMOS sensors from Phase 1 Technology.