Newsight Imaging NSI3000 Line Scan CMOS Sensor for Machine Vision Applications

Newsight Imaging NSI3000 Line Scan CMOS Sensor for Machine Vision ApplicationsLine scan CMOS sensors offer superb performance for machine vision applications in demanding environments. With high sensitivity and programmable frame rates up to 40,000 fps, line scan CMOS sensors are used for barcode reading, robotics LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and general machine vision applications.

End users are able to enhance frame rates or sensitivity with advanced pixel binning capabilities. Automatic exposure control and self-contained reset/configuration allow more flexibility for end users who want to adapt line scan CMOS sensors to their applications.

Newsight Imaging NSI3000

Machine Vision has taken a technological leap with the Newsight Imaging NSI3000 CMOS image sensor chip. It comprises eight rows of 2048 pixels each. The combination of four rows of 4µm x 8µm pixels and four rows of 4µm x 4µm pixels make the chip capable of ultra-high sensitivity and fine signal. The chip produces an effective resolution of 8,192 pixels with low power dissipation fit into a compact size.

The NSI3000 supports programmable high frame rates and allows better analysis and reaction to events. The extremely high sensitivity pixels allow the sensor to replace more expensive CCD sensors in various applications.

How the NSI3000 Is Used in Machine Vision

The NSI3000 was specifically designed for use in LiDAR applications, but it has been used in many machine vision applications. It has been applied to augmented reality, virtual reality, advanced driver-assistance systems, and robotics solutions.

Recently, the developer of an advanced personal robot selected the NSI3000 as part of the robot’s 3D visual system. The robot has an integrated LiDAR system that controls most of the functions of its navigation system.

NSI3000 Features

  • 4 rows of tall pixels (4×8 µm) and 4 rows of square pixels (4×4 µm)
  • Virtual 1×8192 resolution, high sensitivity
  • Integrated configurable 8-12 bit direct A/D with parallel 10-12 bit digital output
  • Integrated Bandgap Reference
  • Integrated CDS for fixed pattern noise reduction
  • Ambient Light Subtraction
  • Double buffer mode for high frame rate
  • Programmable frame rate up to 40,000 fps
  • Onboard Test Mode capabilities, including External Input to A/D
  • 3.3V Single Power Supply
  • Sensitivity: 90V/lux-sec
  • Power consumption – 0.072W (at conditions: 7.5MHz, 3.3V ,23°C.)
  • Package: 40pin LCC

Newsight Imaging NSI3000EVB

The NSI3000 isn’t complete without the NSI3000EVB evaluation board. This board lets customers build modules and configure the CMOS sensor. It also helps users take full advantage of the sensor and evaluate its performance.

It’s powered by a standard 5V Type-A USB cable and connects to a PC via USB and the onboard FTDI FT2232H USB to UART/FIFO IC. An onboard DC-to-DC converter puts out 3.3V for the NSI3000. The NSI3000EVB supports output frequencies up to 20 megahertz. It ships preprogrammed and ready-to-use. A full customer kit is included and contains documents and software tools.

For more information about Newsight Imaging NSI3000 line scan CMOS Sensor for your machine vision applications, speak with the machine vision experts at Phase 1 Technology.