Overcoming Challenges in High Speed Machine Vision Applications

Challenges in High-Speed Machine Vision In applications across the industrial sector, the need for high-speed imaging is increasing. CMOS cameras with fast frame rates and good sensitivity are creating new efficiencies in a wide range of environments inside and outside of the factory.

Historically, machine vision cameras capable of fast image capture were only intended for the most complex, high-value applications. Today, the continually decreasing prices of high-speed machine vision cameras are making them cost-effective in many different applications. While they’ve become more common as the technology has improved, there are still a few technical challenges that must be overcome in any high-speed application.

4 Machine Vision Camera Features for High-Speed Imaging

Transferring and capturing large amounts of image data at high speeds requires a machine vision camera with the right set of technical features. To overcome the common challenges of high-speed imaging, a machine vision camera must have the following attributes.

  • High Frame Rates: in order to capture images at high-speeds, there has to be enough “frames” in a short period of time for a crisp, clear image that can be properly analyzed.
  • High Sensitivity: in high-speed image capture, a sensor’s pixels are only exposed to light for very brief periods. This means a sensor must be highly sensitive to capture enough light for high-speed imaging.
  • Fast Data Transfer: high-speed imaging generates an enormous amount of image data. Newer, faster camera interfaces, such as CoaXPress, are required to handle the vast amounts of image data.
  • Region of Interest Mode: CMOS sensors can suppress lines in the horizontal and vertical directions, decreasing the size of the sensor to increase the readout speed. In some cases, the fastest image capture applications require ROI mode for faster readout speeds.

High-speed machine vision cameras with the above technical features are transforming applications across the automotive, defense, engineering, industrial medical, and scientific research industries.

Machine vision cameras capable of high-speed image capture are no longer intended for complex, high-value applications. They’re being used in a variety of settings all over the world.

To use a high-speed machine vision camera in your application, make sure the camera has the attributes listed above. Browse high-speed imaging cameras from the world’s leading manufacturers from Phase 1 Technology.