XC-505: Find Out What's Really Crawling In Your Sewers

A huge benefit surrounding Sony's XC-505 is its' small size and ability to fit into tight places. It does this by having an ultra-compact and robust body. Add on the fact that it also has sensitivity for low-lighting environments, and it's proven to be quite the versatile camera.

Also, thanks to these unique features and advanced technical capabilities, it can be loaded onto a mobile system. This feature easily allows it to be placed into potentially hazardous environments. One example of this is when it is used in a pipe inspection application. By tethering the system into a pipe, it can crawl through the pipe and inspect for cracks.

Whether it be a water-mane break, or a gas pipe that may have cracked, these cameras are the answer to keeping humans out of danger. Not only can these mobile systems navigate through tight spaces, but through the use of sensors, they can also detect the presence of toxic chemicals or gases. Even better? Some of these roving systems can actually repair a pipe with the assistance of a surgical arm that can bond the affected pipe back together.

So, whether it’s the pipes outside your house, or ones as infamous as the Alaska Pipeline, cameras like the XC-505 are the way to go.

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