PixeLINK PL-D672 Microscope Camera

Among PixeLINK's many powerful microscope camera models, the PixeLINK PL-D672 monochrome option stands out for especially advanced capabilities. This feature-rich camera is the last we will discuss in our PixeLINK Microscopy Cameras Up Close article series. Its enhanced speed is particularly remarkable, with the potential for up to 170 frames per second. The camera uniquely combines such imaging possibilities, speed, and overall features to offer outstanding image quality, all in a compact and lightweight case.

PixeLINK-PL-D672Particularly powerful

At base, the 2/3-type CMOSIS CMOS global shutter sensor reduces noise and raises quality by combining correlated double sampling and high shutter efficiency. In the process, the PL-D672 is able to offer extremely high frame rates at up to 2 MP resolution and 8 or 10-bit digitization, with a strong dynamic range of 60 db in the latter mode. It also provides extraordinary built-image processing and pre-processing capabilities to ease the system load while maintaining high-quality performance.

Strongly supportive

The PL-D672 microscope camera further offers overall ease-of-use alongside such powerful elements. Specifically, PixeLINK makes connectivity simple yet effective through a standard USB3 interface. With the addition of their excellent µScope Standard microscope software, you can also ensure precise image management and processing. Accordingly, auto and semi-auto calibration, line profiling and easy export, and overall image processing and enhancement options profoundly improve performance.

As with each camera introduced in this series, the PL-D672 represents an exceptionally powerful addition to your microscopic imaging toolbox, especially for applications in the life sciences.

With a more magnified understanding of PixeLINK's full line of microscope cameras, you're sure to find the right option to add to your microscopy toolkit. Be sure to read all the articles in this series!