Productivity is Main Driver for IoT in Factory Automation

With the explosion of cloud technology in recent years, the Internet of Things is close to becoming a daily reality. Factory automation is signing on for the competitive edge it provides by allowing for greater innovations due to enhanced efficiency and lower costs.internet-of-thing

IoT in Factory Automation is Leading the Way to Productivity

For IoT-based industrial automation to be successful, four factors must work together:

  • Industrial Controllers
  • Movement Controllers
  • Machinery
  • Software

The bridge between these components is the machine vision interface that provides raw data for assistant robots and other technologies to process into a granular view of the surroundings. Factories are moving forward on IoT thanks to a number of interconnected advances:

Better Camera Sensors

Camera sensors are becoming smaller and more lightweight while responding effectively under a wider range of operating conditions. Just look at the flood of new Genie Nano area scan camera products Teledyne Dalsa is introducing. Plus, sensors are now able to generate more complex imagery, including stereoscopic 3D images, with less concern about calibration.

Interface Standardization

Most manufacturing enterprises are international by definition. In the absence of standardization, even the most enticing benefits of IoT would lack scalability. Luckily, international organizations and trade groups, like the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), are doing their part to ensure equipment can interface.

Easier Data Collection

With smartphone penetration exceeding 66% in the U.S. according to Pew Research, many supervisors have a potentially powerful interface with their equipment right in their pocket. Analysis and optimization are made easier by greater wireless availability and higher bandwidth.

IoT offers enhanced productivity, new revenue streams, significant operational savings, and lower equipment downtime to manufacturers – contributing to a more efficient, competitive enterprise. As machine vision advances, IoT opportunities will continue to grow.