Seeing Around Corners With Lasers and Sound

A laser going around a cornerThe limitation of sight impedes many imaging systems. Most cameras can’t see around corners, and it’s difficult to cover every blind spot. And where there are blind spots, there are vulnerabilities. But NLOS imaging systems show us that there don’t have to be any blind spots at all.

With Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) imaging, cameras can capture images around corners and behind obstacles. How? NLOS cameras use lasers and acoustic echoes and waves to picture hidden objects by analyzing their reflections on visible surfaces.

NLOS imaging systems are invaluable to the continuation, innovation, and expansion of many industries. Two notable sectors affected by the development of NLOS cameras are the automobile and defense industries.

Autonomous Vehicles

The thought of autonomous vehicles makes many of our stomachs drop. Riding 80 miles-per-hour on a freeway behind the wheel of a car you’re not technically driving is a scary thought. But machine vision and NLOS communications are making autonomous vehicles at least as safe as human-driven vehicles.

With NLOS imaging, autonomous vehicles can see blind spots and safely navigate unmanned intersections. These innovations make autonomous vehicles safer for drivers, pedestrians, and other people on the road. Behind an autonomous vehicle, you can now feel confident and comfortable going around corners, zooming through traffic, and picking up your children from school.


NLOS imaging plays a vital role in our defense system. In one example, the United States Army developed an NLOS missile, known as FOG-M. This missile can be used for anti-armor, anti-tank missile, and anti-helicopter capabilities. The NLOS system uses fiber-optic cables to relay TV images from the missile to the gunner’s station. Then, the gunner can guide the missile, control data, and effectively find targets.

Technologies like the FOG-M improve efficiency, reduce the number of civilian deaths, and ensure that these costly weapons aren’t wasted. The defense industry is also researching the capability of NLOS imaging systems in drones, tanks, and other military vehicles and weapons.

Phase 1 Vision supplies NLOS systems that can be used for defense, self-driving, surveillance, and other industries. Read more about our Vision Automation Systems today.