Robotic Heads: Seeing The Olympics In A New Way!

With the Olympics well under way it’s understandable that the main focus is on each country and their respected athletes. However, thanks to some advancements in technology, that focus is going to be that much more clear. What advancements? Robotic heads on cameras.

Getty Images, who is the official video and photographic agency for the Olympics, will be the ones adding these robotic heads to their cameras for the Olympic Games. With limited access to certain venues, these cameras allow for photographers to get some shots of the events and athletes that they may not have been able to get in the past. These cameras will be placed on the scaffolding of some of the different structures within the arena. The benefit of these robotic heads is that they can now swivel 360 degrees giving photographers aerial access of the games as they are taking place. Even better? The images can even be transmitted right after they’re taken.

One thing to note however, is that this new approach isn’t eliminating the need for a photographer. In fact, they’ll actually be working together. Since the robotic head cameras are placed where they are, it is still up to the photographer to control and see the shot, and ultimately “click” to capture the image.