Selecting the Right CMOS Image Sensor for Your Application

Regardless of whether you’re designing a new vision system or updating an existing one, one of toughest decisions is the same: how do you know which CMOS image sensor is best for your application?

Choosing the Right CMOS Image Sensor for Your Application

There are so many aspects of a CMOS sensor to consider, and every manufacturer’s CMOS sensor is different, which can make it difficult to narrow down your search. Not to mention, there’s a lot riding on this decision – the sensor is the core component in any vision system and will have a major influence on imaging performance.

So how do you confidently choose the right one for your application?

Even though there’s a multitude of different characteristics you can use to judge the quality of a CMOS sensor, the most important ones can be broken down into a few major categories.

To help inform your decision and guide your search, Phase 1 Technology has developed a free e-book: Top 6 Considerations When Selecting a High-Performance CMOS Sensor.