Sony XC-E150 Mini Area Scan CCD Camera for Agricultural Automation

While some agricultural automation systems require the power of a bird of prey, others require the keen night vision of an owl. For such occasions, Sony’s XC-E150 provides a small-size camera with big performance. This miniature area scan camera is both cost effective and extremely sensitive without restricting machine vision performance. As an alternative for remote camera-head applications, the XC-E150 is mounted on fast moving machine parts to capture high quality images with special lighting conditions.

Delicately Sensitive

The Sony’s XC-E150 is specifically designed for low light environments and special lighting conditions that require greater attention to irregular wavelength ranges. Equipped with Sony's top-of-the-line ½ type Interline (IT) CCD with HAD technology, this mini area scan camera can easily capture images and detect features in low light environments when used with an infrared LED illuminator.

Yet Ruggedly CompactimageController

As it darts over a range of light waves, Sony’s XC-E150 retains an ultra-compact and unobtrusive profile that allows it to be easily installed in tight spaces. The smaller, lighter package was achieved by removing the BNC connector. Flexible and rugged, with excellent vibration and shock tolerance, the XC-E150 delivers an impressive 125,000 hour mean time between failures (MTBF). Its flexibility lies in its ease of programming; this includes adjustable shutter, exposure, readout, restart, reset, and synchronization functions. This vast set of features is well-served by control switches that are easily accessed on the rear panel and a single, energy-efficient cable for both signal and power.

The low-light sensitivity and flexibility of this lightweight and miniature area scan camera makes the XC-E150 ideal for a variety of agricultural quality control and inspection machine vision systems.

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