Sony XC-ST50 Area Scan Camera for Agricultural Automation

First up in the Industrial Cameras for Agricultural Automation series is the Sony XC-ST50 area scan camera. As part of the larger XC-ST series, this black and white module provides high image quality and sensitivity in a compact and flexible package, making it ideal for agricultural automation applications.

2274-FCounting Quality, Durability, and Flexibility

Starting with the latest generation of CCD sensors and signal processing technologies, Sony has created an important tool for the agricultural industry. The XC-ST50 specifically relies on the ½-type Interline Transfer (IT) sensor and HAD technology to combine quality, efficiency, and flexibility in functions, settings, and synchronization. An in-built electronic trigger shutter further opens the field of possibilities – from capturing images of objects at high speeds to externally shifting shutter speed. Yet, this innovative camera remains easy to operate with flexible controls and easy access to settings through the rear panel. Add in a compact power adapter, easy installation in tight spaces, and high shock and vibration tolerance, and you have a camera module well-suited to the needs of a variety of agricultural automation applications.

Combining functionality and flexibility makes this model ideal for applications in inspection, sorting, and processing of fast-moving objects like grains and seeds.

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