Teleconferencing and Telepresence: Changing How We Communicate

You have the ability to take what you do and extend it beyond the four walls of your building. This opportunity is made possible thanks to both teleconferencing and telepresence. The Sony EVI cameras within their systems have changed the way we can communicate. So now even if you’re worlds apart it can feel like you’re in the same place.

What makes it possible is the groundwork that was set by teleconferencing. Thanks to these systems we’re able to communicate via multiple locations across the globe. The way the cameras are set up allows for an interaction that wasn’t previously there before. While the set-up of these systems makes it so you get that two-way communication, it doesn’t always make it possible to take in the environment as a whole. For instance, zooming in to try and focus in on one particular image or person can often make other people and the surrounding environment not appear on the camera. If that's what you need, that's fine, but what if you could take in that environment? Well, that's where telepresence comes in.

Telepresence takes the whole experience a step further. Telepresence systems contain numerous cameras which enables the environment and all those present to become part of the communication; it enables it to feel real. It’s this feeling of “presence” that makes these systems so appealing and useful. By having identical set-ups in all the rooms utilizing the system it helps further this illusion of sitting across a conference room table face-to-face even if you’re not. Now, everybody that’s a part of the process can be involved and have access to the same information no matter where they are.

Cisco is the frontrunner of telepresence systems and has seen companies reap the benefits that these systems can produce. Some of the top utilizations include: training your employees and bringing your customer service to another level. While the applications have found homes within the medical industry and universities, their power extends beyond the walls of a boardroom. Thanks to a teleconferencing system we saw the world’s first virtual global dance rehearsal! Performers from Shanghai and New York were able to rehearse their moves together from their respected studios and countries.

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