Teledyne Named Top 10 Machine Vision Solutions Provider

teledyne dalsa machine visionThe machine vision industry has evolved at an unusually rapid pace over the past few decades, driven by a number of innovative companies, stiff competition for a quickly growing market and continuous breakthroughs in vision technology.

In recent years, the USB3 vision standard and the CoaXPress communication standard have been innovative yet practical advances in machine vision capabilities. Machine vision, which has already become widely popular in factory automation, is finding its way into entertainment, security, healthcare, agriculture and more. It’s even a vital component of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which is connecting devices, robots and humans.

With the incredible growth of machine vision, there’s been an incredible growth of solutions providers. This is why Manufacturing Technology Insights has selected 10 of the best machine vision solutions providers.

Teledyne Selected as Top 10 Machine Vision Provider

The distinguished panel of selectors included CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board. They selected their top 10 companies based on whose innovative solutions best met the current needs of the industry.

Teledyne was selected as one of the top 10 companies as a "provider of high performance imaging systems." This is no doubt in part because of their extremely popular Dalsa industrial cameras.

The Dalsa family of cameras define the top end of performance for industrial inspection, aerial photogrammetry, mail sorting, factory automation, security, spectroscopy, and far too many other applications to name.

Whether the application calls for unprecedented high speed image acquisition, extremely tight spaces or uncompromised signal-to-noise ratios, there’s a Dalsa camera to fit just about any industrial automation need.

Teledyne’s Dalsa camera series – which are usually offered at very affordable prices – have certainly been innovative solutions to the industry’s needs.

Browse a list of Teledyne Dalsa machine vision cameras from Phase 1 Technology.