Transform Sony Block Camera into GigE Vision

iPORT SB-ProAs Apple founder Steve Jobs once noted, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." With the iPORT SB-PRO IP engine, high-performance interface manufacturer Pleora has established itself as a leader. While it might sound like science fiction at first, Pleora’s engine transforms many Sony block camera models into GigE Vision compliant.

Creating compatibility

At base, the iPORT engine increases interoperability between products made by different manufacturers. It works by leveraging camera communication standards through a Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) link to translate Sony VISCA protocol into a GenICAM interface. This makes it possible to use any related off-the shelf software to operate camera zoom, exposure, and other functions. The engine only uses a single cable for both video and control signals, which minimizes cable size and costs and affords greater flexibility.

Cost-effective connectivity

The iPORT SB-PRO thus welcomes many Sony block cameras into the networked video connectivity of GigE link technology. In the process, this handy device will drastically ease costs and complexity in block camera use while providing:

  • Power and block cameras connectors, as well as general inputs and outputs,
  • High resolution video transmission at up to 30 frames per second,
  • Cabling distances of up to 100 meters, with unlimited distances possible through common switch additions,
  • And low latency through a reliable data transfer rate of 1 Gigabyte per second.

In addition to these many features, the engine comes in compact, low-power OEM board sets that are designed for easy operation in a variety of housings.

The iPORT engine is ideal for the comprehensive image transfer needs of medical imaging, intelligent traffic systems, as well as industrial inspection applications.