UAVs Helping To Save The Whales

While unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gotten a lot of attention for their uses within our nation's security and defense, they are also being used for yet another good cause: protecting an endangered species. That’s right, over in Japan these air crafts are helping to save whales.

Here's how: A donated UAV called the ‘Nicole Montecalvo’ has come to the rescue of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society (SSCS) and whales alike. The SSCS is utilizing the Nicole Montecalvo to try and help combat Japanese whaling fleets from harming the species. By using the UAVs capabilities they are able to not only track the whaling fleet at hand, but also alert the members of the fleet of any dangers coming their way. Add on the fact that UAVs can fly independently and be controlled remotely, and it just furthers how beneficial they are for the task at hand.

The SSCS, which exists to help expose what is happening to these whales and increase awareness, released this UAV from their ship called the Steve Irwin. Well equipped with cameras and detection equipment for the journey, the use of UAVs for causes like is making it possible for an even bigger journey to commence: the preservation of these endangered animals.