What are 10GigE Vision Cameras and What are They Used For?

What are 10GigE Vision Cameras and What are They Used For?10 GigE Vision cameras are a recent addition to the machine vision market and promise to deliver high performance in demanding vision applications. Although they’re new, their potential for widespread adoption is high.

The 10 GigE Vision interface is the natural successor to the original 1 GigE interface – one of the most popular interfaces for machine vision applications across the world. There are a few important differences between the two interfaces, although 10 GigE vision cameras will be much better equipped to handle the requirements of modern vision applications.

The Purpose of 10GigE Vision Cameras

The primary purpose of the 10 GigE interface is the facilitate greatly improved data rates for a ten-fold increase in machine vision frame rate. 10 GigE Vision cameras featured greatly improved bandwidths for higher quality imaging in applications that require high resolutions and high speeds.

Demand from the telecom, data communications, industrial, and military sectors is the primary driver in the emergence of the 10 GigE interface. Applications typically include a need for lag-free, real-time video streaming such as motion-tracking, virtual reality, or broadcasting.

10 GigE Vision Camera Performance

Over the past several years, CCD and CMOS image sensors have progressively added higher resolutions in compact designs, leading to constantly rising levels of image data being produced. One of the most immediate benefits of 10 GigE Vision cameras is their ability to effectively handle all of the image data produced by new high-resolution sensors to take full advantage of their high performance.

10 GigE Vision cameras feature low latency, typically between 5-50µs, for crisp video streaming in a wide range of environments. Data loss is minimized with error detection and correction features that protect image data integrity, further contributing to high-quality images. On top of all this, 10 GigE Vision cameras are easy to set up as no frame grabber is required, reducing overall integration or replacement costs.

10 GigE Vision cameras deliver high performance in a wide range of applications. For high quality, high-speed imaging and streaming, 10 GigE Vision cameras offer a robust and cost-effective solution.

Although 10 GigE Vision cameras are relatively new, their potential to deliver new performance and productivity is great. In the coming years, 10 GigE Vision will likely see rapidly growing adoption by many different industries.

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