What is Embedded Vision?

What is Embedded VisionEmbedded vision stands at the forefront of vision systems. By integrating a camera and processing board instead of a camera and PC, embedded vision systems provide many benefits that can lead to impressive advances for all kinds of devices.

Key Advantages of Embedded Vision Systems

First and foremost, embedded vision systems are more affordable than PC-based vision systems. Furthermore, they are more compact and lightweight. With an improved design, embedded vision systems are typically more energy-efficient than their PC-based alternatives.

There are other differences between embedded and PC-based vision. While PC-based systems can be used for general image processing, embedded vision systems are built for specific applications.

For example, some embedded vision systems cater to autonomous automobiles. Known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), these technologies can allow car manufacturers to develop and fully trust autonomous vehicles to operate independently. However, if you put this camera for embedded vision on the assembly line, it won’t function.

Essentially, embedded vision systems allow for improved and specialized applications. Because of the systems’ specificity and complexity, integration can take longer than with a PC-based camera system. The pay-off is worth it, however.

Imagine this: You’re a farmer sitting behind a tractor, preparing for the upcoming farming season. You also have to check the chicken coop, feed the cows, and drive your children to school. Feeling overwhelmed, driving a tractor becomes a laborious task that you wish you didn’t have to do. With embedded vision systems, that tractor can drive itself, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks thereby freeing up time and saving money.

Embedded vision systems go far beyond agriculture and transportation. Think robotics, aerospace, defense, security, epidemiology, and augmented reality. The list goes on, and will likely grow as embedded vision systems assist and replace human companions across many industries.

The world is changing every day. With our improved technologies and capabilities, our lives and workdays are also changing. Embedded vision systems are the bridge between our manual, limited human ability and hyper-efficient, cost-saving tasks.

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