Xtium 2 Frame Grabbers Offer High Performance on Camera Link HS Interface

High-Performance Xtium 2 Frame GrabbersThe all new Xtium 2 series of frame grabbers from Teledyne Dalsa offer high performance on the Camera Link HS. This series of frame grabbers leverages the PCIe Gen3 x8 platform for high speed image transfer to the host memory without CPU overhead. The Xtium 2 series of frame grabbers, while based on the Camera Link HS interface standard, also support Active Optic Cable and SFP+ modules, CoaXPress 12, and Camera Link.

For a high-performance, multi-interface frame grabber, the Xtium 2 series offers long cable lengths at maximum image acquisition rates, data forwarding rate for distributed image processing, and full support from Sapera Vision Software SDKs.

To further understand what makes this series of frame grabbers so versatile and powerful, a closer examination of the specifications of each can help.

Dalsa Xtium 2 CLHS FX8 Frame Grabber

The Dalsa Xtium 2 CLHS FX8 frame grabber facilitates high speed data transfer with long cabling. The on-board Data Transfer Engine (DTE) delivers maximum bandwidth without specialized motherboards or chipsets. With the Xtium 2 CLHS FX8, bandwidth of 5 GB/s is capable with cable lengths beyond 300 meters.

Additionally, Xtium 2 CLHS FX8 minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times by enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data. This frame grabber is equipped with a number of technological advances to keep up with the faster frame rates of today’s camera technology.

Dalsa Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 Frame Grabber

The Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 frame grabber from Dalsa is a versatile frame grabber that supports Active Optical Cable (AOC) and industry standard CX4 cables. This frame grabber can also support both the CLHS X and M1-protocols.

Beyond it’s flexibility, the Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 features high speed data transfer. The single cable, single slot solution supports up to 7 CLHS lanes, each at 10 GB/s, transferring them using PCIe x8 slots at a sustained speed above 6.8 GB/s to the host memory. The Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 can also redistribute incoming data across up to 6 computers in real-time without any additional hardware.

The Xtium 2 series of frame grabbers from Teledyne Dalsa offer flexibility and high speed data transfer in a wide range of industrial applications. Each frame grabber, the Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 and the Xtium 2 CLHS FX8, feature unique innovations that make them high performance frame grabbers.

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