Odos 3D/ToF Cameras

Ideally suited for packaging, robotic palletization, inspection, and other industrial applications, Phase 1 Technology now carries Odos 3D/ToF Imaging system technology. Both the Swift-E and Swift-G contain all aspects of the system in a single, robust, flexible industrial package: an advanced image sensor, lens, powerful illumination, on-board processing capability with embedded industrial applications and networking. This reconfigurable 3D Sensing technology from Odos Imaging can be implemented in a wide selection of automation tasks, with sense profile updated on-the-fly by the controller.

List of Odos 3D/ToF Cameras
Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of Swift-E Swift-E 640 x 480 - - - - EtherNet/IP -
Product Image Of Swift-G Swift-G 640 x 480 - up to 44 - - GigEVision and GenICam compatible -