Baumer MXG Series Cameras

The Baumer MXG Series utilizes popular, powerful interface protocols, including GigE, USB3 and GenICam, to process and transfer image data at high speeds in demanding environments. Binning and partial scan technologies boost frame rates up to 160 FPS, and board level design further enhances flexibility. These compact, lightweight devices use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to fill a wide range of applications, including intelligent traffic systems, industrial image processing, packaging and print inspection, robotic systems, sensitive medical technologies, renewable energy systems and more.

List of Baumer MXG Series Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of MXG02 MXG02  
MXG02 Under 1 MP 160 Digital Monochrome - GigE -
MXG02c Under 1 MP 160 Digital Color - GigE -
Product Image Of MXG12 MXG12  
MXG12 1.2 MP 42 Digital Monochrome - GigE -
MXG12c 1.2 MP 42 Digital Color - GigE -
Product Image Of MXG20 MXG20  
MXG20 2 MP 27 Digital Monochrome - GigE -
MXG20c 2 MP 27 Digital Color - GigE -
Product Image Of MXGC20 MXGC20  
MXGC20 2 MP 55 Digital Monochrome - GigE -
MXGC20c 1.2 MP 55 Digital Color - GigE -
Product Image Of MXGC40 MXGC40  
MXGC40 4 MP 29 Digital Monochrome - GigE -
MXGC40c 4 MP 29 Digital Color - GigE -