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The VCC-25CXPHSM high-speed camera offers a remarkable 150fps frame rate and a 25M resolution, a CXP interface, and a CMOS sensor featuring a 1.1" global shutter type. Excelling in long-distance data transmission, reaching approximately 24m with CXP12 and about 40m with CXP6, the VCC-25CXPHSM is ideal for short-range inspection such as liquid crystal device and semiconductor wafer inspection but also excels in measurement systems, robot vision, and other Machine Vision applications


  • 25M pixels resolution 150fps high speed output
  • CXP-12×4, CXP-12×1
  • 1.1 type global shutter CMOS sensor
  • With M48-C conversion ring, C mount lenses can be used.
  • Long distance data transmission (24m with CXP12, 40m with CXP6)
  • Transmission band 12.5Gbps, 50 Gbps with 4 lanes output
  • Multifunction: External trigger, ROI (vertical 16 area), defective pixels correction, shading correction, binning (only for B/W model), shutter control, black level correction, gamma compensation, and more
  • Available with or without heat sink.
  • With heat sink: VCC-25CXPHSM-F, VCC-25CXPHSR-F (65mm(H) x 125mm(W) x 93.3mm(D))
  • Without heat sink:VCC-25CXPHSM, VCC-25CXPHSR (65mm(H) x 65mm(W) x 93.3mm(D))

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Product image of CIS VCC-25CXPHSM
Product image of CIS VCC-25CXPHSM
Product Photos
Product image of  CIS VCC-25CXPHSM Product image of  CIS VCC-25CXPHSM

Quick Info for the CIS VCC-25CXPHSM

Camera Category: -
Camera Series: CXP
Format: 1.1
FPS: 150
Interface: CoaXPress
Manufacturer: CIS
Resolutions: 25 MP
Sensor: GPixel GMAX0505
Shutter: Global
Signal System: Monochrome
Technology: Area Scan Cameras
Technology: Coaxpress Cameras