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This SWIR camera is specifically designed to inspect the invisible aspects of objects, operating within a detection wavelength spectrum ranging from 400 to 1700nm. It employs a 1.3 million pixel resolution, 1/2" global shutter type SWIR sensor, ensuring quality imagery in every operation. The camera is equipped with fundamental functionalities suitable for Factory Automation (FA) applications, including external trigger, vertical Region of Interest (ROI), gamma correction, shading correction, and pixel defect correction.

This versatile tool proves advantageous for a multitude of inspection applications. These range from examining semiconductor wafers and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to assessing food, agricultural products, pharmaceutical coatings, and tablets. It's also adept at classification and identification tasks within these categories. Moreover, it serves as a valuable asset for maintaining process quality control in factory settings, elevating its practicality even further.


  • 400nm~1700nm detection wavelength spectrum
  • Complies with CoaXPress Ver 1.1.1, CXP-3
  • PoCXP supported
  • Multifunction: Exposure settings, gain, external trigger, ROI (vertical), defective pixels correction, shading correction,
  • gamma compensation, and more

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Product image of CIS VCC-SXCXP1SW
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Product image of  CIS VCC-SXCXP1SW

Quick Info for the CIS VCC-SXCXP1SW

Camera Series: CXP
Format: 1/2
FPS: 134
Interface: CoaXPress
Manufacturer: CIS
Resolutions: 1.3 MP
Sensor: Sony IMX990
Shutter: Global
Signal System: SWIR
Technology: Area Scan Cameras
Technology: Coaxpress Cameras
Technology: SWIR