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The DCC-RGBD1 ToF camera development kit features a USB interface. 1/3 type, 1.2M pixels, RGB color CMOS image sensor, and 1/4type, VGA resolution, CCD ToF sensor are used. ROS driver and sample program for Linux and SDK (.dll) and viewer software for Windows are available.
Suitable for applications such as robot vision, logistics, security, medical care, and more.


  • YUV + D (Depth+IR) data are synchronized to be output
  • Wide depth range (15cm to 5m) with less than 2% of deviation ratio.
  • Two lights laser diode with wave length 850nm are used. (indoor use only)
  • ROS driver package is available.
  • OS: Ubuntu Linux
  • D/L: Download from
  • SDK and viewer software for evaluation and demonstration purposes are available.
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro version 1803 and later, 64bit
  • D/L: Download from the link at the bottom of this page.
  • USB 3.0 interface (UVC: power feeding is not supported)
  • Small foot print

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Product image of CIS DCC-RGBD1
Product image of CIS DCC-RGBD1
Product Photos
Product image of  CIS DCC-RGBD1 Product image of  CIS DCC-RGBD1

Quick Info for the CIS DCC-RGBD1

Camera Series: ToF
FPS: 30
Interface: USB
Manufacturer: CIS
Resolutions: Under 1 MP
Signal System: Color